long_journey_jennawagnerHi! Thanks for stopping by. This is Crystal Sirois! Wife, daughter, friend, Nouna, Stepmama, Thriver, sober sister, leader, and giver! I’ve been so many places and worn plenty of hats. This one (Blogger) is brand new! Like it?!

I recently became sober (38 days 🙌🏼) and discovered my life’s purpose. I started living life by MY rules and MY design, and I want to help you do the same. Now I know what your thinking….”Heard it all before!” Right?! Maybe you have….maybe you’ve heard it millions of times, maybe you’ve never heard it like this, and maybe you HAVE but here you are, hearing it again. Don’t ya think that means something? I do.

Something brought you to this place, this moment in time, this particular blog. Your decisions! Your actions! So relax, trust that you are exactly where you are supposed to be. There must be something here for you… or else you wouldn’t be here.

I have a story. It’s mine, there’s ugly stuff and pretty stuff, but you can’t have rainbows without a little rain am I right? I wouldn’t change ANYTHING because I love me. I love who I am, who I am becoming and who I am GOING to be. All of that is because of this stuff…good and bad. So I’ll take it! I want to tell my story because I know that it can help others, and the most rewarding experience I’ve ever know in my 37 years is helping other human beings.

So, how do you start? Most people like chronological organization, like my husband! But me? I am all over the place! Try to keep up!! We may visit events in my life from 30 years ago, and then immediately jump to something that happened just days ago! Everything comes full circle, and sometimes you have to go way back for just a minute to realize that where you are right now is a ripple effect of something else.

The first thing I want to share with you is my sober story. It feels like the “hub” of everything… like Grand Central on a Friday at 4pm! There’s chaos along side a systematically designed transportation system. That’s my sober story…. Grand Central Station.

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