It’s Sunday morning. I’ve spent a fortune on gorgeous ingredients, hand picked from local farms. Fresh herbs, grass fed beef, and organic produce. I’ve got Pinterest recipes up and ready to go! It’s time to create the masterpiece known as Sunday dinner. Step 1… uncork that beautiful bottle of red and pour! Whoa! Wait… how do I cook without wine? How do I celebrate this day and the meal I’m about to create without that little (or BIG) glass of inspiration?! This has been one of the most difficult triggers I struggle with in sobriety. Cooking, especially Sunday dinner, without my wine feels like omitting an ingredient from the recipe. Incomplete. Social situations and celebrations are tough too! The connection in our brains of these situations to alcohol is a habit…but that’s why they created “mock tails!” I swear, after a few sips, you don’t even realize your not boozing it up! But when you’re alone in your kitchen, it’s just you… you’re not fooling anyone, the habit of drinking while cooking is hard to break!

Like lighting up that cigarette after a meal, or chewing the inside of your lip when your nervous, this all boils down to habit. It’s a neurotransmitter in your brain that says “I’m doing THIS so I have to do THAT.” And just like other bad habits, you can break them by inserting something else in its place! I like to grab some fancy chocolate covered almonds to snack on or gourmet popcorn! Make myself a cup of Chai tea or Kombucha! I put whatever I decide to drink in my favorite wine glass!! This helps my brain feel satisfied ☺️ You can craft a fabulous mocktail with sparkling water, frozen berries, muddled mint, and fancy juices! Heres one of my favorites! Champagne Mocktail

Remember why you decided to live sober or semi sober. Keeping the promises you make to yourself is the the true definition of ethical behavior. I wanna be that 💕

Happy Sunday 😍

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