I’ve spent most of the last 37 years wandering aimlessly through life, waiting for IT to happen to me. Feeling like a bystander. What’s the universe gonna send my way today? I think most of us do this! Mostly because it’s what we were taught… You learn from your environment, what you have seen others in your life do. Grow up, stay out of trouble, don’t do drugs, don’t get pregnant, graduate high school, go to college, find a partner, get married, buy a home, have babies, live happily ever after! The End!

Wait…?? That’s it?? What about “Finding Your Purpose” and “Giving Back” and “Finding Financial Freedom”??? ::flipping through my guide:: I don’t see that.

Here’s the thing, think of a massive ant hill. Every ant man and ant woman working together to build a peaceful, organized, healthy community. Stay in line, do your job, and get home alive! That rogue ant crawling along the side of the road….where’s she going? What is she crazy? What if she gets stepped on? What if she gets captured and tortured by children!? What if she gets lost and stumbles into a spiders web? These are all VERY real possibilities. I’m quite sure the fear of these unknown variables out there in the world are the reason why MOST of the ants stay in line and do their assigned job. It’s the same reason why human beings don’t step out of line and find their happiness. Getting uncomfortable, taking a chance, leaving the familiar to explore the unknown, is the ONLY way to actually be successful at this thing called life.

I’m the rouge ant. After 37 years of staying in line, and realizing that I wanted more, I deserved more, and I could achieve more, I’ve stepped out of line and i’m journeying off to see what I can do. Society is shouting “WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU? ARE YOU CRAZY? YOUR RISKING YOUR SAFETY!” And to that I say “You are not safe either my friend” If you think that your compliance will be rewarded with a promise of protection you are mistaken. Someone could come along and squash you at any second, even if you stay in line. Someone could come along and dig up everything you worked your whole life building in a moment and you’ll find yourself with nothing. We are ALL at risk.

Decide what you want. What makes you happy and what your passionate about. What legacy do you want to leave? What do you want “the dash” between your birth date and death date on your tombstone to REPRESENT? Get really specific… what would it feel like to have these things? Use all of your senses to envision it as vividly as possible. Harness that feeling…. Then make a plan to do that. Be that. Accomplish that. Stop at nothing until you’ve achieved it. Learn what works and what doesn’t work. Learn from every single thing that you experience in this life. Grow, teach, give back, and be grateful. Every time you feel like quitting, remember how amazing it’s going to feel when you succeed . Don’t wait till the time is right, it’s right RIGHT now! Don’t wait till you pay off the credit cards, mortgage, school loans, or other debits. Don’t wait till you make X amount of money, or reach a certain age. Do it NOW! Everything else will fall into place. It HAS to. That’s just the way it is. As sure as the world will turn, the sun will rise and set, and tomorrow will come… all the details will work themselves out. We all have the same 24 hours in the day, it what you do with it that counts.

Make today count!


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