There are some days when you can feel your vibration so strongly you think others may actually be able to see it. Like an emoji on your forehead. 😁😬😫 Working daily on your mindset and intention is HARD! Sometimes it’s physically difficult to keep it strong and positive. Some days the vibe just wants to shut down, be still, quiet, and empty. It’s comfortable here, in the dark place. It’s familiar and smells like home 🖤 We are told that we create our best life with our highest vibrations. Persistence, perseverance, and passion! Work hard everyday on your positive mindset, your self love, recite affirmations, and set goals. But some days I just want to BE. I don’t want to work at it… I just want to see what momentum I can use to get through the day. And I feel guilty. Why? Because I’ve come so far! I know what I’m capable of and I know what I deserve. I’ve set some pretty lofty goals and I KNOW that hustlers don’t take days off… I know that the BEST way to reach my goals is to work hard everyday! So, on days like this, when my mood is gray, reclusive, and quiet…. do I listen to my inner Lady Boss that’s yelling “Lets go girl! Your not gonna inspire millions with THAT attitude! Get busy!” Or my intuition screaming STOP for one damned day and relax. Unwind. Chill. You earned it. But did I?

I think there’s a happy medium. On days like that I shift my focus towards some personal development and I try to learn why I’m feeling the way I am. Self reflection, journaling, or meditation. Fighting the urge to spend the day binge watching Netflix…. I ask myself the questions I need the answers to and I sit quietly and allow my mind to find the answer. Why am I not fired up about my business today? Am I frustrated with my results? Am I satisfied with my efforts? Am I REALLY doing all the things I should be? Am I wasting time and energy on something or someone that’s not serving me? Is it something outside of my control that’s causing me to feel this way? Am I allowing things beyond my control to effect my mindset? Whenever I find myself saying “He/she made me feel…” a certain way, I remind myself that I control my feelings and only I can allow someone to MAKE me feel a certain way. And some days your brain just needs stimulation in a new way! It gets bored with routine, so switch it up! Do something ELSE that’s good for your mind, body, or soul.

I recently started yoga 🧘🏻‍♀️ I am in LOVE. I have always had a tough time turning my brain off, just pushing out thoughts, stillness is very unfamiliar in my head. But when I do yoga NOTHING gets in. I’m loving the way my body feels, and the quiet time for my soul.

Numbness is a vibration. Just think of the way your lips press together and vibrate when you say it. Nummmmmmmb. It has a pulse. A rhythm. Listen to it. Feel it. Understand it. And then counterbalance it. You can’t have rainbows with out the rain, just like you can’t feel ALIVE without feeling numb.

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