We are all settled in at Camp Sirois! It’s so exciting to start the second leg of our Snowbird journey. Being able to travel to South Florida and avoid the brutal New England winter was such a blessing, and now we’re back and looking forward to an amazing summer that lies ahead of us! Blessed is an understatement!

It’s easy to get caught up in routine…our comfort zones. You know exactly what your doing today, you do it everyday (or most days at least) and your pretty sure tomorrow’s schedule is all set… no worries! We got this! But changing up your environment, your routine, or your social surroundings is going to do something amazing! It shakes you awake!! Your mind starts paying attention because it’s not familiar with what’s passing by. You’ll slow down and take a moment to appreciate the things your experiencing instead of not taking notice because you’ve seen it so many times before. And in those moments you’ll realize what your missing. Kindness, beauty and grace.

We have traveled a LOT in the last year, there’s been so many changes in location! And haven’t had a routine for a very long period of time with all this uprooting! Just when I get settled into one, something changes! A new routine is made, adjustments are set, and just when I’m about to hit cruise control…BAM! We’re off again! When I start to feel like things are spinning, I root myself with my daily self care. I start my morning with something uplifting or inspiring on YouTube while I walk the pups! I practice yoga and I make my todo list and set a plan for the day! Checking off the list as I go about my day! Always slowing down to appreciate where I am, the sights I am blessed to see, the sounds of the birds chirping and the lawn mower in the distance. The smell of the woods and a campfire. The gorgeous stone walls surrounding the farms here in Westport that were settled hundreds of years ago. Change up your routine and WAKE your mind up!

Now you may not be able to sell it all and become a gypsy! That may not be a goal for you… But you can change your scenery by taking a different route to work, a staircase that you wouldn’t normally use, a local cafe or picnic lunch instead of eating at your desk or in the lunch room. And the people you run into will be new faces, new people with new agendas and new opportunities to grow. Make eye contact and smile. Spread some kindness, it’s contagious and there’s a ripple effect! If you can make life a little brighter for just one person, you’ve made an impact. Big things happen little steps at a time.

I know that this season of our lives is exactly what we both have worked so hard for. Home has a different meaning for everyone and for me, He is Home. Wherever we are together is Home.

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