It’s crazy what we tell ourselves we NEED when we let go of a habit. We tell ourselves that we need a crutch, something to help take the edge off. We can’t possibly do this without something else to lean on, another vice to satisfy the spark in our brain that tells us we need a mind altering existence. Whether it be caffeine or cocaine, your brain can convince you that it’s OK to pick up another habit when you’re dropping one of such significance in your life.

Since I’ve gotten sober I started smoking again. I told myself that it was OK because I was making such a huge life change by getting sober. I would just do it for a short time until I didn’t NEED it anymore. It certainly isn’t the worst thing I could be doing! My built in, pre-disposed defense mechanism kicked in and said “you need this! You’re not going to get through this without it!” And so I made it my excuse.

5 months later, I’ve decided to flip the switch… same way I flipped the “drinking switch!” And it amazes me how crippling our own thoughts can be. I believed I couldn’t get through the first steps of my sobriety without smoking because I convinced myself I wasn’t strong enough.

I realized I was creating this block in my own mind. How does this help me reach my goals? How does it get me closer to the goals I set for myself and ultimately closer to living my best life? How can I tell people that THEY are strong enough to live a sober life after abuse when I can’t even kick a smoking habit. It was so clear to me that this, like anything else, was all created in my own mind as reality. And therefore I believed it. It was so simple to change the script, change the story, and tell the words I wanted to tell. Tell my truth. I do NOT need this. Or any other vice. I am good.

The key is not “trying” to not drink (smoke, or whatever your thing is). The key is changing your story. Rewire your conscious mind! It tells YOU that your an addict, a weak minded person, your out of control, you need this.

Get real!! Get strong!! Knowing that you are in complete control of the storyline. Today is the day you flip the script πŸ˜‰ What’s your story?

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