Slump. It’s like a slimy lump. Bad. Bad bad. Right? Maybe not….

Life has been ever changing since… well, since we sold our home and became snowbirds Last year. If you’re not sure what a snowbird is, imagine Blanche Deveroux living in South Florida in the winter months but spending the summer up north in New England. That’s me!

Routine and consistency of routine is what I thrive on. When my brain automatically knows exactly what WE do and I don’t have to put much thought into it, I feel completely in control! I got this! I’m doing the do. I’m exercising, meditating, affirming my dreams and goals, working my business, daily self care, checking off the daily TO DO’s like a Boss Babe! My inner monologue is “You go girl! You’re a Rockstar!”

Then, my environment changes, my daily routine is disrupted, and I find myself in a slump. Then my inner monologue becomes “You suck. What happened to the Boss Babe? She was so awesome and YOU…you’re not her.” Wait just a minute… that’s not cool.

Self talk is incredibly powerful. Negative self talk especially!! When I tell myself I’m a Boss Babe Rockstar, I believe it! I work harder, I want to continue to impress myself with my progress and my wins! But when I beat myself up for stumbling, and falling I begin to question whether or not I can actually DO THIS! I doubt my success, I tell myself that I CAN’T consistently juggle all the balls without dropping a single one. Well guess what? Even the most well trained professional jugglers drop a ball or two once in awhile. It’s part of the process when mastering anything! It’s the people who pick up all the balls and RESET their mind to start again that succeed. The balls all stay in the air a little longer than last time. And you get a little closer to the end goal, mastery!

Think of a runner. The first time they laced up their sneakers and hit the pavement, they did NOT run a marathon. They may have only made it around the block before huffing and puffing their way back to the couch. But the next day they laced up those kicks again and went a little farther. Until one day they decide to challenge themselves and run the 5K, the half marathon, and then the 26.2 miles. That feeling, of crossing the finish line is the euphoria we are all chasing. Stumbling and falling is part of the process. It HAS to happen.

So when I’m faced with hurdles, and find myself falling down, I’ve decided to hit the reset button. Like that amazing piece of technology you’re holding in your hand right now, sometimes we need to shut it down and restart. Start again. Reopen each app (or intention) and breeze thru the beginning stuff that you’ve already mastered once before and push a little farther this time. This is what I do every time I find myself frustrated that things out of my control derail me. I remember the promises I made to myself and start again. Not start over, all the work I’ve already put in has made me better! Taken me a bit closer to the finish line. And do other people fly past you and finish before you? Obviously. Your not Usain Bolt! But his journey is not yours. Other people’s struggles are not yours. Their stories are not yours.

Yours goes just like this…

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