Good Morning and Happy Sunday! I’m writing this from the back of a Harley, cruising at 75mph down 95 South, on our way home from Daytona Beach Bike Week. I’m wearing far too many layers for my liking. Beach should equal bikini, not State Puff Marshmallow Man. But we’re lucky 🍀 on the St Paddy’s Sunday because we aren’t driving in the pouring rain that we prepared for! Ahhhh the silver lining. Always makes its appearance right on cue.

We prepare for the worst and hope for the best, because in the end we have ZERO control over the outcome. We can only control the way we react and respond. That’s why last night, at our last dinner in Daytona before we started our journey home, I had to remind my friend of this. He sighed heavily and said “Hell ride tomorrow.” Already anticipating cold, rain, and misery for 4-5 hours on a motorcycle. I had to poke him and say “Hey! Don’t do that!” Don’t ruin your last night, this delicious dinner, and precious time with friends, by stressing yourself out over something that may or may not happen TOMORROW! He immediately got it, and checked himself. (I want to add “before he wrecked himself” there but I won’t) 🤣 We had an awesome dinner full of laughs!

This is everything in life. You can prepare, you can react, and respond. Those are the things you can control. These are the only things you get any say about. Tomorrow’s outcome will be….what it will be. Be ready. Be bold. Be ready to roll with the punches.

So it’s raining now 🌧 Not a lot, but we’re getting wet. And again I’m grateful for my 17 layers under the “one size fits most” rain gear. I’m prepared… and as the morning sky grows lighter I hope to catch a glimpse of the sunrise, or a rainbow. Those are the little rewards for looking on the bright side.

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